“I’ll become a wizard, no matter what it takes”

In a world full of wizards and extraordinary creatures Leo belongs to the Voids, the non-magical people. There’s no way for Voids to do magic, or that’s what everybody believes but Leo is convinced that isn’t true. There’s a mysterious way to become a wizard and the clue lies on an ancient book named: Windor’s codex.
For years he has searched relentlessly for one of the Codex’s copies and finally, his quest has begun to pay off.

However, soon he’ll realize that he’s not the only one looking for the book and that he could pay a high price for having it on his hands.


Clever, energetic and highly/above all curious. Usually easily gets in trouble.

His goal is to become a wizard, no matter how hard it’d be. The first step to make it is finding a copy of a mysterious book called the Windor’s Codex.


  • Leo balance his lack of magic with gadgets that help him to succeed in most of his adventures.
  • He use a pair of gloves. One of them reacts to magical stones and the other one…

Patient, organized and analytic.

A freak passionate about monsters and plants. He always carries a notebook where he writes everything he learns in his travels with Leo. When he’s not traveling, he helps in his family business: An alchemy & botany supplies shop


  • He has a backpack with a lot of stuff. Nobody understand how he puts so many things in there.
  • Eats much more than the average human can normally stand

Bossy, honest and an outstanding fighter by nature.

Future heir of Hernández family. She hates wasting time, that’s why she is always helping her father in his duties at the Hacienda. Usually ends up fighting with Leo about silly things.


  • She can use two types of magic, but nobody knows which is the second one.
  • Paola’s father is the leader of Xtobón, a group of Haciendas and properties dedicated to produce Xtabentún liqueur.

The World

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Omei is worldwide recognized by it’s flora and fauna, from the Volcanic Sheep to the Sacred Forest Guardian there are a lot of magical creatures recognized throughout the world to be natives from Omei. Thousands of tourists venture to visit the country to have a chance to meet or at least to see some of these fantastic creatures.